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Qualifying conditions for medical marijuana in Miami, Florida

The following conditions are eligible for treatment using medical marijuana while in Miami, Florida.

  • PTSD
  • Chronic muscle spasms
  • Cancer
  • Lou Gehrig's disease
  • Crohn's disease
  • Epilepsy
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Glaucoma

Medical professionals are also able to prescribe medical marijuana for any other disease that they feel causes the same severity of symptoms as the other conditions listed above. Doctors do have some leeway to prescribe marijuana for diseases and conditions they feel will be helped by it.

What does the law say about using medical marijuana in Miami?

As long as patients follow the rules that govern being a medical marijuana patient, then it is legal for medical marijuana to be used by this patient. It's not legal, however, to obtain marijuana from other sources and claim that it's for medical purposes without a proper prescription!

How do you become a Miami patient?

Patients must be at least 18 years old, and a registered resident of Florida to get medical marijuana in Miami. They must register with the Department of Health when they have successfully applied to receive medical marijuana - this is a slightly newer development in the law, but one that is being rolled out state-wide. A patient will normally take all their medical history to a marijuana evaluation - these can only be carried out by a certified medical marijuana physician, so it's hugely important for the patient to make sure that the physician they will be seeing is completely certified.

How do you find a Miami doctor?

Your doctor will probably be able to provide a recommend of his or her own for certified Miami medical marijuana physicians in the area. If your doctor is unable to provide a recommendation, then have a look online to find a fully certified doctor near you. Do some research on them before you go, and ensure that they have all the necessary certifications to legally sign you off to use medical marijuana - this is hugely important!

How do you get your Miami medical marijuana card?

Once you have taken your medical records to a certified Miami medical marijuana physician and they are satisfied that you have tried alternative treatments that haven't worked and that Miami medical marijuana will be beneficial to you, they will be able to provide you with your Florida medical cannabis card. The process can take a little bit of time to happen as everything has to be signed off very precisely, but have patience with the system and soon you will be able to use your new medical marijuana card.